Boy taking selfie on rails caught under train in Italy

In Italy, the boy who took a selfie on the tracks was trapped under the train: In Italy, a boy who wanted to take a selfie with his friends on the tracks with his mobile phone died by being caught under the train.

In the city of Catanzaro in the south of the country, the curiosity of self-attraction of 3 children ended in tragedy. According to reports in the country press, 13-year-old Leonardo Celia wanted to take a selfie and share it on social media on the rails near Soverato Station with two friends as the train approached. However, the train, which made the Taranto-Reggio Calabria expedition, which came rapidly at this time, hit Leonardo Celia and dragged it for 10 meters. It was stated that Celia died at the scene, while the other two children managed to save themselves.

It was recorded that the driver, who told what happened in tears, said that he made a lot of effort to stop the train as soon as he noticed the children. KazanIt was reported that the other two children fled the scene in shock, and were later found at their home by the police and taken to the police station with their families to take their statements.

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