Promise and keep promise; LOGISTICS

Gülnihal Yegane, the founder of TRIGRON CARGO LOJISTIK, which provides logistic service in accordance with the international agreements, is continuing to show its difference in logistics.

Gülnihal Yegane, who provides boutique service with its employees who have long years of experience in logistics sector, organizing various shipments and having logistics law, provides a good logistic support and enables mid and long term plans to deliver orders to their customers in a profitable and satisfying way.

On the official website, he underlines that one of the most important points of logistics is yaz word Resmi.

Gülnihal Yegane's article:

Everything starts with an idea.

As a result of hard work, you develop the product, you introduce it and market it .. ..

But what is that?

How will your product go to your customer?

What if the product you uncovered with your own manual labor is delivered in a missing, broken, or broken way? Moreover, a high transportation cost? Time? If it doesn't arrive on time, or if your product fails?

That's exactly what logistics is involved in. It is an activity that fully supports marketing, answers all these questions, eliminates your worries. In the words of old times, it is PHYSICAL DISTRIBUTION.

When you are marketing your product, have you promised to deliver your customers the desired quantity and quality, at the time they want and the price they want, wherever they want? Sorry?

Yes, if you did, you know the meaning of the proverb NES. If you are honest, investing in the future, you will do your best to fulfill this promise if you have a goal and a principle. So do you have your preparation, equipment, good intentions and abilities to do it? What if you don't? What is your reputation?

Logistics contributes to your reputation without compromising or even strengthening your strategies. With a good logistic support, you plan your business to deliver your orders in a profitable and satisfying manner to your customers in your medium and long term plans. Logistics companies working internationally are the biggest supporters of your products by using all their knowledge and experience by crossing every difficulty with multimodal transportation methods when necessary.

For this reason, Logistics is also equivalent to giving promises and keeping its promise Bu

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