KOS: The 3rd airport is not transportation, but destroying Istanbul, it is a real estate-construction project

KOS: The 3rd airport is not transportation, but destroying Istanbul, it is a real estate-construction project

The North Forest Defense (KOS) responded to Ahmet Arslan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, who said “No withdrawal from the Project” on the 3rd airport. "3. As we defend in our airport report, an Aerotropolis or 'Airport City', as stated in the EIA reports, is a real estate-construction project. Eco-Crimea and City-Crimea Aerotropolis project is a project to destroy Istanbul ”.

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications of the Northern Forest Defense, said: "There is no withdrawal from the airport project."

A Dutch construction / real estate company 3. In order to obtain loans and insure one of the projects within the airport area, the credit institution crediting the Atradius Dutch State Business (ADSB) within the year of 2016, the Northern Forest Defense (KOS) 3. We also shared the press releases of the two Dutch NGOs with the role of ADSB who read the Airport Report, communicating with the KOS and ultimately announcing the process that resulted from the company's withdrawal from the project (possibly due to the refusal of ADSB's credit support). 20 Click here for our news published in February). Following the news of the national press, Ahmet Arslan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, stated that it was not important for the project to attract the support of a person. a day later, ”None taken from the project ise he said. In the light of the latest developments, the following is a description of the KOS:

  1. Bridge and 3. The airport is a project of looting the Northern Forests of global capital and its collaborators in our country. All the global companies that the Minister calls 'no withdrawal from the project' should be withdrawn from the Northern Forests, agricultural lands and water resources, and all the projects that are being done to attract global looters should be stopped immediately and canceled.

In KOS, 3. Airport Project Based on the press releases of the EIA Reports, the relevant company representatives and the authorities and 3. As we have argued in our airport report, 3. The airport project is not a transportation project, but as stated in the EIA reports, an aerotropolis or airport city is a real estate-construction project. The aim is to build cities around the city by making it a center of attraction and attraction, and to open the surrounding areas to real estate and construction companies. In this context, Kanal Istanbul and 3. is a package program with the bridge. Hence, today 3. In the airport project area, negotiations are made behind closed doors with global construction and real estate companies, not for one. Forests, water basins, farmland and pastures are transferred to global capital without taking into consideration the citizens and the citizens who will be affected by these projects; the right of the inhabitants of this region, including wild animals, endemic plants, birds, bugs, insects, generations, or the right of their children / grandchildren to exist in their own habitat.

Citizens of this country, 3. the airport has no information about the project. How painful, these projects are only after we have been reported; 2017 to be displayed, for example, in MIPIM 3. Airport City Airport “project adjacent to the airport. Airport City, which is expected to host 1 million people, has been designed as '' a giant city with international business centers, serbesoteles, logistics centers as well as Expo Fairgrounds ''. Who knows what '' city '' will be taken out of the pocket! The huge land, which is divided into the airport area and exceeding the airport project, is also evidence of this. Hence Mr. Minister, in the region as if it is a single 3. a statement, such as an airport project, does not reveal or even cover the actual picture; dozens of projects in the region are closed behind closed doors.

Rooted credit institution ADSB did not disclose the name of the firm and the location and content of the project that it wanted to undertake. On the other hand, ADSB Environmental and Social Consultant Jellema Anna, who is in correspondence with KOS, has informed us on 26 January 2017 that the company has withdrawn from the project via ADSB official e-mail. Minister Ahmet Arslan, the Dutch firm's withdrawal, Holland 3. There is no problem at the airport. Many companies support financing. The number on how many companies are backed up is not exactly in my mind right now. But many companies support. We don't have any problems in the credit system. The withdrawal of one from the system does not mean that the agreements have become troubling. Lark Even though the Port City, which was flying in the air, announced the city and its projects to the press and the public as a responsible state official, the intentions of the hasty expropriations in the region would also be lost!

KOS's 3. It is very important for Atradius, who read the Airport Report and related publications, to contact us and feel responsible. Atradius has convinced us that even if the Dutch company is withdrawn, there are other international companies that aspire to this project. Bridal project's monitoring (supervision-supervision) as a civil society as you take on it so that a less harmful project, '' has brought the proposal. Just as Nazi extermination is no less harmful, we have made it clear that there are no such plundering and looting projects that will destroy Istanbul's lungs. As a result, the company was taken with a conscientious responsibility.

On the other hand, the global capital, which seems to be vultures in the region, is projecting a project on rent within the appetite. As a matter of fact, Minister Arslan explains the tragedy and the tragic reality of the pillage. Global real estate construction companies are rubbing their hands in order to realize the nature and environmental pillage that they cannot do in their own countries, in the untouched lands of Istanbul for centuries. One is pulled, the others are in order.

If the minister is looking for a 'playful at, tabi lobby urucu that leaves our country weak, uninhabited, natural, he should turn and look in the mirror. On the nest of countless creatures, the bridge, highway and connecting roads, the airport next to the airport, the city around 1 million people living in the source of life The northern forests of global capital and those who mercilessly plundered his collaborators in our country will never forget and forgive mankind.

The Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Republican Northern Forests are under great threat today. With the pretext of the airport, the eco-crime and the city-Crimean Aerotropolis project, which will plunder the area with the city project in the center, is the project to destroy Istanbul. The issue is that, the credit was provided / not provided, the company was withdrawn / not withdrawn. We will defend or defend Istanbul with the hands; the issue is as simple as that.

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