TÜDEMSAŞ employees support the blood donation campaign

Great support from the TÜDEMSAŞ employees for the blood donation campaign: Koçarslan said, bağ It is human duty to give blood. TÜ
Red Crescent blood donation campaign in Turkey that start Railways Industry Corporation (TÜDEMSAŞ) gave support staff.

General Manager Yildiray Kocarslan, who made a statement about the blood donation made in the donation blood donor vehicle at the General Directorate of TUDEMSAS, said that they were happy to support the campaign as a company.

Stating that giving blood to Red Crescent is a human duty, Koçarslan said, “The way to find blood easier when we need blood is to give blood to Red Crescent when we are healthy. Since the only source of blood is human, we should all be aware of this responsibility that falls on us. ” said.

Kızılay Blood Center officials stated that TÜDEMSAŞ is one of the most important institutions in Sivas and said: belirten Every time that we need blood, TÜDEMSAŞ employees have always provided us with the necessary support. Today, workers and civil servant staff came to the booth that we opened in the institution and also donated blood to the Red Crescent. Kurum



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