Elevation to Muğlada Public Transportation Fees

Muğlada Public Transportation Fee Zam: In recent days, newspapers, "chambers of chambers and co-operatives, demand for a raise in public transportation fees" in the direction of the news directed by the Muğla Metropolitan Municipality was made a statement.

Newspapers in the region, fuel, insurance, maintenance, minimum wage and similar cost factors because of the chauffeurs' chambers and co-operatives to raise the price of public transportation vehicle news about the demand for the hike had taken place. Muğla Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department made a statement about the subject.

In the statement made by the Directorate of Transportation, stating that the price update was made at the beginning of 2015; public transportation vehicle boarding fees were last updated at the beginning of 2015, there was no pricing for about two years, but especially in the period between the 2015th Quarter of 4 and the 2016th Quarter of 4, 19% in fuel oil, 27% in insurance price, Maintenance and parts prices It was stated that there was an increase of 25% and driver wages up to 37%. Stating that the fee tariff determination duty (UKOME) is under the authority of the Transportation Coordination Board; Considering that the declarations of our tradesmen about the increase of costs such as fuel, insurance, maintenance, and labor are correct, however, the per capita and mileage-based costs carried by the lines are separate to each line, therefore, it will not be correct to calculate the raise requests only on the rate of increase in input, and our citizens who use the vehicles, The demands of 20% -30% hike received from tradesmen were evaluated according to line and mileage-based cost calculations and submitted to the UKOME Board. 2017-10 KM. In the lines between 0 Krş. student with 10 Kr. 1.50 .1.65 TL. full price of 2 krş. It has been. Other distance charges http://www.mugla.bel.tr The new prices will be valid as of January 15, 2017.

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