The Response to Transportation Hike from Izmir Pensioners

Response from Retirees from Izmir to Transportation Hike: In the last assembly meeting of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the cancellation of the “60 years old card”, which allows citizens over 125 years of age to benefit from public transportation for an annual price of 60 lira, caused a reaction of retirees.

Turkey Retirement Association (TÜED) Eşrefpaşa Branch President Baki constructive, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Assembly of the received public transportation used "60 years of age card" of the decision to remove from January 1, 2017, he said in amazement that they meet.

Stressing that retired people mostly use public transportation while going to hospitals or pharmacies, Yapıcı said, “I do not think retirees will arbitrarily occupy buses and İZBAN. There is a certain amount of hours, but it should not be retired. With this decision, I feel that the retirement of the retired has a little bit of honor. They shouldn't push us aside retired. ” said.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality recognizes the transportation card is a small service for retirees, with the removal of cards from the use of retirees throughout the city will be trapped in their homes, the Constructor, continued:

“We had previously requested an appointment from Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, but we could not come together. I informed our headquarters about the removed 60 age cards. I think that our lawyers and legal consultants will initiate a process related to this. ”

“Don't let the retirees take their curse”

Retired Muzaffer Tozka asked President Kocaoğlu to give up this decision urgently, “If Aziz Bey is thinking about retirement, he must correct the decision. They should not pity retirement, they should not take the curse of retirees. ” used expressions.

Floating Aisha said that he himself retired the first 10 days of use since time transportation card, "Retirement is already having a hard time in Turkey, will retire victims of this decision taken by the municipality." expressed his opinion.

60-65 age 1,5 lira will benefit from transportation

At the meeting of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council held last week, it was decided to cancel the "8,33-year-old card" used by the retirees in public transportation by paying 125 liras annually, as well as a 60 percent hike.

According to the decision of the Council of Ministers, people over the age of 65 benefit from public transportation free of charge in the city, while the cancellation of the "60 age card" which is the application of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and the people between the ages of 60-65, the student boarding fee for public transportation is 1,50 lira. pay.

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