Strong domestic Onsite Sourcing for Turkey

Strong domestic Onsite Sourcing for Turkey: organized by TÜSAYD VI. Turkey Purchasing and Supply Management Summit, "Strong Turkey Indigenous Onsite Sourcing for" contact with procurement professionals brings together the public and private sectors.

This year's theme is "Strong Turkey Indigenous Onsite Sourcing for" Turkey's purchase of World Economy at the peak designated as the power issue will be discussed and Defense and Aviation Cause 100% National Procurement, New Purchasing Practices and Localization in Europe, in the Health Sector Product Localization Studies, Turkey Supply Input Policies, localization step from global perspectives, Turkey Purchasing Professional Standards, which have more need to Localization in pen, Localization Process Innovative Technology Integration and will be discussed topics such as the CEO of Path from Satınalmacılık. TÜSAYDER, VI. Turkey within the scope of Purchasing and Supply Management Purchasing Excellence Summit also Turkey 2016 - "Best Localization Project" will perform at the awards ceremony.

The Association of Purchasing Managers and Professionals (TÜSAYDER), which gathers 6.000 purchasing professionals under the same roof and guides the country's economy with its members' purchasing decision power exceeding USD 25 billion, brings together the leading names of the sector for the sixth time this year. December 03, 2016 date in which will be held at the WOW Hotel & Convention Center in Istanbul, Turkey Purchasing and Supply Management Summit, the first 100 and the top 5 companies in the sector of purchasing managers in Turkey will bring together 500 purchasing professionals where you will find them.

VI. Turkey Purchasing and Supply Management Summit

Date: 3 December 2016, Saturday

Time: Between 09:00 - 16:30

Location: WOW Hotel & Convention Center, Yeşilköy - Istanbul

The list of programs and speakers is attached.


Halil Tokel - Turkish Technic
Malcolm Youngson IFPSM - CEO
Birol Kanbir - BKM Interbank Card Center
Sevil Çatalcalı - Ministry of Economy
Yusuf Arslan - Purchasing Turkey
Asst. Associate Professor. Halim Yurdakul - Okan University
Serkan Uygur - Marketing Communication Master
Dr. Cihan İnci - Posco Assan TST
Ufuk Bendeş - PSA GROUPE
Ismail Fast - Medipol Mega
Hüseyin Nalbantoğlu -
Gürkan Hüryılmaz - President of TÜSAYDER

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