Light commercial vehicle trolley overturned in Konya

Light commercial vehicle in Konya was overthrown on the tramway: The light commercial vehicle that got out of control in Konya flew to the tramway. While the driver of the light commercial vehicle survived unscathed, tram services could not be made for about half an hour due to the accident. Passengers got off the tram and walked over the rails to the main road. Some passengers competed with each other to take pictures of the crashed vehicle. Traumatic trips returned to normal after the vehicle was lifted off the rails.

The accident occurred in Ahmet Hilmi Nalçacı Street in the central Selçuklu District. Under the direction of İbrahim Çakal (18), 42 FAA 51-plate light commercial vehicles got out of control and rolled over, crashing into the iron barriers on Nalçacı Street and then collapsed onto the tramway. Çakal, who survived the accident unscathed, was taken out of the vehicle with the help of the people around.

Ibrahim Cakal, the driver, I was in the car, the car went to the right one left one way left. It happened at a time. He said how surprised I was.

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