Winter tourism corridor under the lens

Winter tourism corridor under the lens: Erzurum, Erzincan, Kars under winter tourism corridor

In the, Erzurum Erzincan Kars Winter Tourism Corridor Kars project conducted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in cooperation with the European Union, European tourism experts organized a a value chain Birliği workshop. Project executives discussed the region's potential and sales marketing strategies in the workshop.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Turkey Tourism Strategy 2023 'scope, which began with the European Union' corridor 'study is one of Erzurum, Erzincan, Kars Winter Tourism Development Corridor has completed the first phase of the project. In the first six months of the 2 annual project led by the Italian company Eurecna under the leadership of the Italian company Eurecna, in order to ensure diversity in tourism and spread throughout the year, the potential analysis was carried out in Erzurum Palandöken-Konaklı, Erzincan Ergan and Kars Sarıkamış ski centers in the first six months.

Project coordinator Francesco Comotti said, iyi We have some predictions about what we will have in the three regions. We would like to share this with our tourism stakeholders and investors in the region. All three ski resorts have their own characteristics. For example Erzurum; It may be the perfect ski destination in Turkey. Erzincan Ergan has a potential for a holiday with the family. Kars Sarikamis; a different destination with snow quality, historical and natural beauties. These are our comments. We want to create an important infrastructure for all three centers by focusing on sales and marketing strategies in the coming period. Ön

In the ged Value Chain Workshop üç organized by the project, European winter tourism experts took an x-ray of three ski resorts in the region. Erkut Atalar from the Foreign Relations and EU Coordination Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism at the Nenehatun Cultural Center of Atatürk University talked about the importance of the project. Atalar, the project Erzurum Palandoken, Erzincan Ergan and Kars Sarikamis ski centers, and the upper and lower structures, identification and marketing strategies are prepared to determine the preparation, he said. Later in the workshop, the project coordinator Francesco Comotti, Eurecna firm Stefano Illing, analyst Cinzia Confortola and tourism expert Alex Andreis and Ministry of Culture and Tourism Winter Tourism Planning Expert Şener Şen made a presentation.