Palandoken Ski Resort Colorfully

Palandöken Ski Center Color: With the ski lessons, the skiing courses for children started with the Palandöken Ski Center, which had the brightest days of the season, flags and the 2 bin 500 balloons.

Palandöken Ski Center, which has the brightest days of the season thanks to the ski courses launched for children with the semester holiday, was festive with flags and 2 thousand 500 balloons flying. Due to the start of the ski courses, which have been carried out by the Central Yakutiye Municipality for 6 years, today Palandöken Ski Center has become festive. Families watching the children's skills under the type and snowfall both applauded and viewed these moments with their mobile phones. While the children who slid down the mountain sliding with the Turkish flag in their hands were admired, approximately 2 balloons were left in the air. The colorful balloons left by the children sliding in the snow fell into the sky instantly due to the wind and covered the Palandöken Ski Center. During the show, young skiers had hard times in cold weather and type.

Explaining that 6 students from the age group of 12-500 attend the course and the ski equipment, food needs and transportation of the students are met by Yakutiye Municipality, Press and Public Relations Manager Kenan Biliz said: “The children are taken from their homes with services and brought to Palandöken. Every day, 10 trainers are given ski courses between 08.00 and 15.00. Classes will continue during the semester break. We will take the successful students to the sports club of the municipality. ”

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