Istanbul flights restarted from seaport

Bursadan resumed seaplane Istanbul flights: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality BURULAŞ its subsidiaries, next to the urban transportation solution continues to take its place among Turkey's transport by sea and air transport brands. BURULAŞ's seaplane flights, where the flight ban on civil aviation is abolished, continues where it left off.
In the framework of the transportation investments of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, the seaplane, which was commissioned in the 2013 by BURULAŞ, has been continuing with its new and experienced company taking the responsibility of the removal of the flight ban from civil aviation and the responsibility of the operation. The seaplane flights, which provide great convenience to the traffic between Bursa and Istanbul, attracted great interest since the first day of service. Considering the duration of transportation by land and sea between the two cities, an important alternative is the voyages; With 8 and 12 airplanes and experienced flight crew, it offers time saving and flight comfort.
First time from Gemlik
Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe, the first flight of the sea plane from Gemlik Pier, said that the seaplane flights began. Altepe stated that they have resumed flights after the abolition of the restrictions on civil aviation due to the recent events and added belirten The sea planes flying between Istanbul and Bursa, Gemlik Bay and the Golden Horn are covering this distance at about 20 minutes. Our current aircraft has made its last flight in 18 minutes. Şu
Fast growing and developing city in the crucial time stated that the President Altepe, "Istanbul, Bursa and accessibility of the most important factors for the city which is the locomotive of the economy, such as Kocaeli in Turkey. The connection between Bursa and Istanbul is very important. Because Bursa is working as a partner and supplier industry partner with Istanbul. Bursa, in Turkey after Istanbul 3 in the production. m In this respect, it is important to ensure accessibility among these cities sırada.
3 expeditions per day
Altepe noted that the transportation between Bursa and Istanbul strengthened and added that BUDO's vessels were operating on the other hand, and air transportation was working intensively. President Altepe, the sea plane 3 voyage to the day, expressing, "Bursa 20 approximately 150 per minute to Istanbul, 20 TL pay the fee. The most important gain here is of course time ıs XNUMX It is very important to be able to get into the heart of Istanbul, in a short time such as minutes. We are restarting flights and this service will continue to increase. Yeniden
Saying that Bursa Metropolitan Municipality currently has 4 planes, Mayor Altepe said, “While we are working between Bursa and Istanbul with 4 planes, we are launching Bandırma flights with requests from Bandırma. On the other hand, flights to Izmir and Cesme regions will be possible from the center. ”
For the start, departures from 09.45 and 15.45 and departures from Gemlik port were determined as 08.45 and 14.45 from the pier next to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Sports Facilities on Kadir Has University Street. The 2 voyage will take place during the first week and then the departure times and numbers of the seaplane will be arranged according to the demands of the passengers. Tickets for these flights from Bursa to Istanbul It is sold from the BURULAŞ transport line 3 20 444, BUDO and Aviation terminals, the travel cards office at Şehreküstü Station and the BURULAŞ Tourism Travel Travel Agency and BURULAŞ Aviation mobile application.
At the last stage of studies at Yunuseli Airport
President Altepe, said they aim to start flights from Yunuseli Airport in a short time, said: uçuş The transfer of this related to the Ministry of Defense was made. Since the Air Force Command will no longer be there at Kuleli Military High School, the airport, 592, has allocated the area around a thousand square meters to the Metropolitan Municipality anlığı.
Emphasizing that the transfer process will be finished in a few days, Mayor Altepe said, “With the arrangements we will make there, Istanbul will be reached in about 20 minutes from the center of Bursa. While these bridges are being built between Bursa and Istanbul, our business world can now buy private planes and companies can go anywhere with their own aircraft. The airport in the city is very important for Bursa's production, industry and tourism. ”
President Altepe, about 20 years ago 24 aircraft in Bursa, recalling that,, Bursa Yunuseli Airport in a short time will make a great contribution to Bursa economy. The airport, which has been closed for the 16 years, is now alive again. The last steps are taken too. Son

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