2016 Budget of the lion's share in the rail system

📩 29/11/2018 20:33

Lion's share in the 2016 budget of the city: The project which will carry Bursa to the future, has implemented the projects to the future. The Metropolitan Municipality has allocated the 1 million 198 million TL with the 122 million investment budget and the lion's share with the 2016 million TL.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality spent its 2015 year full of investments in all areas from transportation, infrastructure, historical and cultural heritage to rural development and also programmed 2016 investments. 17 is estimated to be the finest detail in the entire investment program, while 2016 annually 1 billion 198 million 122 thousand TL investment is foreseen. While 442 million 932 thousand TL is in the first place in investment items, 210 million 482 thousand for Health and Social Services and 140 million TL investment for Green area and Environmental Services are planned.

Lion share rail system
442 million 932 thousand TL of 227 million 454 thousand TL allocated to the transportation was allocated to rail system investments, especially the City Square - Terminal tram line. 99,6 million TL for asphalt pavement works, 40 million TL for expropriations and 20 million TL investment for bridge and intersection are planned. 2016 million TL will be paid to traffic regulations in 16,9, 7 million TL in border payload works, 14 million TL in road construction and road construction, and 5 million TL investment in ropeway.

Sport in progress
Sports facility, training facility and social facility investments come to the forefront in Health and Social Services, which is one of the biggest investment items and which has an investment of 210 million 482 thousand TL. 2016 million TL will be allocated to sports facility production in 34, 26,7 million TL to social facility construction and 26 million TL resource will be transferred to training facility construction. 19 million for graveyard services, 16,9 million for public education services, 14 million for spraying services, 9 million for home care services and 8 million for disabled services will be invested.

A healthier city
Investments to make Bursa a healthier and more livable city will continue in 2016. 2016 million 140 thousand TL budget is allocated to green area and environmental services for 142, while 64 million pounds is the first in the landscaping works. 20 million for the new park and green field works, 19 million for the expropriations, 13 million for waste management and 10 million for the facade sanitation is envisaged.

Continue investing in history
The Metropolitan Municipality, which has allowed Bursa to enter the UNESCO World Heritage List with its historical and cultural heritage investments, will continue its investments in this area without losing speed in 2016. 89 million TL budget was allocated to historical, cultural and tourism services, while budget 18 million TL was allocated to restoration projects. 25,5 million for cultural activities, 12 million for cultural facility construction, 11 million for religious facility maintenance and environmental arrangements, 4,6 million for historical facade sanitation and 4,6 million for historical environment are planned to be invested.

Urban transformation
The Istanbul road, the ınaThankshore District and the Intent Urban transformation projects aiming to take concrete steps within the year of 2016 will allocate a budget of 43 million TL to the zoning services, while the 20 million TL of this budget will be spent on urban transformation investments. For the expropriations to be realized for the realization of the zoning, transportation, green areas and environmental services, 80 million 477 thousand TL will be invested.

Great investment in rural development
In addition to the new metropolitan law, the Metropolitan Municipality has allocated a budget of TL 2016 to the rural development investments in 25.8 by developing farmers' projects such as equipment, seedlings, seedlings and seeds. 15,9 million for vehicle machinery operation services, 126 million for fire services, 55 million for fire services, 15 million for urban and community services, 8,9 million for real estate services, 6,5 million for service, a budget of 13,8 million was allocated.

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