Train Attack in Switzerland Is Not Linked to Terrorism

The Train Attack in Switzerland Is Not Linked to Terrorism: Swiss Safety There was no evidence that the train attack in the Canton of St. Gallen had been linked to terrorism.
Swiss Police St. He explained that there is no evidence that the train attack in the canton of St. Gallen had a terrorist connection. In the statement made by the Swiss Police, it was stated that as a result of the investigations made so far, there was no evidence that the incident was related to terrorism. A policeman from the Swiss Police sözcü"It is not possible to say anything definite at this stage, but the terror connection is a very distant idea," he said.
The Swiss Police made a statement regarding the aggressor and the situation of one victim, "They are both in critical condition." It is stated that the 27-year-old attacker "has a common Swiss name and lives in a canton of Switzerland".
In the incident that took place near the Salez train station yesterday at 14:20 local time, the 27-year-old Swiss attacker poured a flammable substance around in a wagon of the moving train and then attacked the passengers with a knife in his hand. He injured six passengers, three women and one child, due to knife blows and fire. The perpetrator was also seriously injured in the fire.
After the fire alarm, the engineer to continue to the next stop instead of standing in the middle of the road is very easy to save rescue work was recorded. Approximately 60 passengers were given psychological support after the incident said.
After the attack, discussions started on the railways safety concept, which has been applied until now in Switzerland. Martin Graf, director of Securitrans firm responsible for public transport security, told the newspaper Schweiz am Sonntag that "the work of security personnel at the stations should continue 24 hours a day."
Würzburg attack brought to mind
A 17-year-old Afghan refugee severely wounded 18 people traveling on a suburban train in Würzburg, Germany, with an ax and knife on July 5. The attacker escaped from the train with the release of the emergency brake after the incident and was shot and killed after attacking the special operations teams behind him.
IS announced that the Afghan refugee who organized the attack was "its own fighters", and then a threat video of the attacker was released.



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