Sivas Iron Sports Club Has Said No to Impact (Photo Gallery)

Sivas Iron Sports Club said no to coup: 15 In July, the members of the Turkish Armed Forces within the armed forces in order to react to the FET coup attempt to attack the members of the board of directors of Sivas Iron Sports Club and athletes organized a Democracy march protesting the coup attempt. Turkey Railway Machines Industry walk starts in front of the General Directorate of Joint Stock Company continued to the front of the Sivas Governorship. In the march, slogans such as slogan Neither Happy Turkoman eye, ”My Mother, My Life, Feda“ and ”No to Coup Yürüy were shouted.
Teakvando Sportsman Hilal Aydın read the press statement on behalf of the athletes of Demir Sports Club who walks up to the front of Sivas Governorship. In the statement, the managers and athletes of the Iron Sports Club 15 stated that the coup attempt on July night was never acceptable and they condemned this attempt.
Demirspor on behalf of the statement read as tüm Demirspor Club 15 July July coup attempt under the circumstances of the unacceptable and we condemn all of our power. In order to express our belief in democracy after this extraordinary situation in our country, as Demirspor club, we continue our Democracy and Democracy walk as Demirspor Club as the Manager, Technical Delegation, Sportsman and their families and supporters.
Our Sivas Demirspor Club was established in 1940 to serve our youth rather than a competitive mentality. Our club currently operates in the branches of Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling, Handball and Teakwondo with approximately 600 athletes. Our club's founding purpose and vision and mission are clear. Discovering our young people in neighborhoods and streets kazanis to support their physical and mental development with the sportive and moral education we will give.” it was said.
Later, Tudemsas General Manager and Sivas Demirspor Club President Yildiray Kocarslan said in his speech that we find the treacherous coup attempt on July night unacceptable. Sivas Demirspor Club as the Manager, Technical Delegation, Sportsmen, families and supporters of the Democracy watch and Democracy walk as before, as we will continue until the second command after the Commander-in-Chief's command.
Tüdemsaş General Director of the Democracy March and the President of Sivas Demirspor Club Yıldıray Koçarslan, President of ASKF Zeki Ekici, Demiryol İş Trade Union Sivas Branch, Turkish Transportation Sen, Transportation Officer-Sen managers, Sivas Demirspor Club Board, Coaches, Athletes, Families of athletes and many supporters She attended.

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