Disaster returned at the level crossing… Passenger train hit the truck

There was a disaster at the level crossing. The truck was hit by a passenger train: The passenger train hit the truck, which was passing through the level crossing, in Izmir's Torbalı district. While there were no injuries or deaths in the accident, the passengers on the train experienced great panic.
The accident occurred on Tuesday at 17.30 ranks, the level crossing in Taşkesik Neighborhood. According to information obtained, to go to Tire from Izmir MTN passenger passenger train 5727 Torbali district crossing the border crossing in an uncontrolled way MG (44) 10 CEM 12 management plate hit the truck from the right side. While the accident was killed or injured in the truck and train damage occurred.
The 150 passenger on the train due to the crash went out with panic and fear. An investigation into the accident was launched.


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