Izmir's first tram arrives (Photo Gallery)

Izmir's first tram arrives: The first wagon to be used in the tram project, which will be provided to the city by the investment of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality by 390 million pounds, came to Izmir. Temporary place of the tram car at Kültürpark will be exhibited at 26 International Fair which will be opened in August.
Konak Metropolitan Municipality has an important place among the environmentalist public transportation investments of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Karşıyaka While railroad works on trams continue rapidly, 85. The first tram wagon brought to the city to be exhibited at Izmir International Fair is preparing to meet the people of Izmir.
The wagon, which was brought to Izmir from Adapazarı factory and placed in X temporary UM place in Kültürpark, will be presented to the visitors between 26 August-4 September. In South Korea, the interior and exterior design of the interior is carefully emphasized by the blue and turquoise shades of the sea, while the sunny weather of Izmir is also highlighted. For the passengers traveling on the new trolley of Izmir, the handles for safe travel were placed in easy reach. Special areas were reserved for wagons in order to meet the special needs of citizens who used wheelchairs or strollers. Trams under construction consist of a train control and monitoring unit, passenger information system, LCD screens, active route map, camera, video and sound recorder.
Modern and comfortable
İzmir's tram vehicles will be 32 meters long and have the capacity to carry 285 passengers. According to feasibility studies, daily 95 thousand people in Konak line, Karşıyaka 87 thousand people in the line will be moved.
Konak Tram with 12.8 stops and 20 stops and 8.8 stops with 14 stops, which will be implemented by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality as complementary to metro system. Karşıyaka Total 38 vehicles on the tram line will work. The project will cost 390 million pounds.



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