End of the Upper and Lower Passage Project


The End of the Overpass and Underpass Project Approached: Mayor Mustafa Güler's Ankara contacts on the vehicle overpass and pedestrian underpass project, which will be carried out by the TCDD Afyon 7th Regional Directorate, at the level crossings of Emet and Kuruçay in Tavsanli district of Kutahya.

Mayor Mustafa Guler, who is in constant contact with the relevant institutions in the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Journalism, stated that the negotiations were in the last stage.

Stating that the negotiations with the TCDD 7th Regional Directorate and the 14th Regional Directorate of Highways yielded fruit and the end was approached, Mayor Mustafa Güler said, “At this stage, the price-price study and the imaging-simulation works are continued by the responsible company, mainly for the tender.

Approximately 1,5 years of negotiations is coming to completion, the final decision on the subject is expected to be clear as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the project cost is expected to reach approximately 36 million TL.

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