Keltepe Ski Center Winter Ready

Keltepe Ski Center Ready for Winter: In the Keltepe Ski Center, which was auctioned last year, the contractor firm will start to lay concrete today. Then the installation of the manufactured material will be started

The tender for the Keltepe Ski Center, which had occupied the Karabük agenda for many years, was made on 30 March 2015, and the place was delivered on May 2015.

Since the contractor firm was unable to start the work because of the road problem after the place delivery, there were no road problems after the works carried out by the Special Administration. In this process, the company that manufactures the products outside the Keltepe Ski Center will begin work in the area. After the concrete throwing works, it is stated that the production of the manufactured material will be carried out, while the works will be finished this winter.

13 900 705 958 meters of length, 200 people with capacity telesky XNUMX meters long, thousand XNUMX people will be equipped with a day chair lift with the capacity of accommodation facilities.

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