Will open Keçiören Metro as Prime Minister

As the Prime Minister will Kecioren Metro: Çayyolu and Umitkoy to connect to the Ankara Cankaya and was Turkey's most populous county with keçiören. Although the county ... with a population approaching 1 million, one of Turkey's most populous settlements in the first 15 actually.

The entrance and exit of the big district is unique.
The day is separate, the evening is a separate trouble for Kecioren.

The last representative of Ankara's unending subway constructions is the fate, which is again called Keçiören.
Even though there was a lack of wagon sets, the Sincan and Çayyolu subways were opened, and the Keçiören subway could not be opened.
The foundation was laid in 2003.
A baby born on that day is an 13 young boy today.

When the metropolitan municipality could not finish, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications took over the subway. Transportation, Maritime and Communications Minister Binali Yıldırım 6 visited 2015 in December.

Lightning, social media, which became a phenomenon 'Love starts with the Keçiören Metro, but never let it end' reminded me, "a nice word for Love, but is not a desirable word for the Keçiören subway," he added and added:

Although the signal and electromechanical works have been made in a timely manner, the legal process has continued for a long time due to the fact that the contractor firms carry the matter to the judiciary and the work has become dead. It's not solved at the moment, but we somehow solve this and don't want the project to be delayed any more. We're going to put our plan B on this.

The remaining work will be done on 7 hours 24 hours of the necessary sacrifices, studies will be done and I hope 2016, the latest 3. We will have this service in the quarter. Our preference is to get into operation as early as possible in the year of 2016. This requires an extraordinary effort and work.

Keçiören Metro is no longer on your agenda. We will do all kinds of work and open the day we promised.

. 2016's 3. We will open in the quarter ros the countdown has started for Keçiören Metro.
At the latest after 4 month, Keçiören Metro will be put into service. Yıldırım will be opening the Keçiören Metro which he promised as the minister.


Yildirim's visit to the Keçiören Metro signaled the end of March for trial flights. Even though the trial expeditions have not yet started, Yıldırım will have the plan, B Deneme. 2016's 3. We will open the quarter ”.

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