Karşıyaka tram line was revised again

Karşıyaka tram line was again overhauled: Konak and Karşıyaka The endless changes in tram projects do not come to an end.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's tender for millions of liras Karşıyaka Revisions do not end in the and Konak tram projects. Finally, in the passage of Konak tram to Çankaya, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has shifted the line to the green area in the middle lane of Gazi Boulevard, has left the century-old plane trees at risk Karşıyaka It turned out that the tram was going to change quietly. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, according to the tender in February 2014 Karşıyaka He predicted that the part of the tram that passes through the coastal area will pass through the green area on the sea side of Yali Caddesi as a double line. When it comes to the transportation of centuries-old palm trees on the beach KarşıyakaThe locals reacted to the fact that the palm trees identified with the city will be moved. Thereupon, minor changes were made to the project by taking a step back. In this context, the first rail laying work started with a ceremony held on Mavişehir Cahar Dudayev Boulevard in February 2015. Meanwhile, the Metropolitan Municipality made a revision on the tram route about 5 months ago and divided the tram line into two as the land and sea side of Yali Street, as in Göztepe Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard.

The line coming from Cahar Dudayev Boulevard was laid as a double line to the point where the 2018 street, where the old Tansaş is located, which goes parallel to Şehit Cengiz Topel Street, following the Selçuk Yaşar Street, and then to the Bostanlı Stream, intersects with Yalı Street. After the revision made about 5 months ago, the tram line Yalı Caddesi from Bostanlı Karşıyaka fell in the direction of the head. During the ongoing manufacturing work, a strip of the street was excavated and rails were laid. While the rail laying works are about to be completed to a great extent, the metropolitan municipality has started work for a new revision. The team headed by Buğra Gökçe, Deputy Secretary General for Rail Systems, took action to shift the line they took to the land side of Yalı Street back to the sea side, to the green area. As such, the excavation of the sea side of the mansion street, which was excavated during the single line laying works, came to the fore.

Dizzying traffic
With two changes made in the last 6 months, Konak and Karşıyaka The number of revisions made on trams has also reached 11. If there is no change at the last minute, the Metropolitan Municipality, Karşıyaka In the coming days, work will start to lay the second line next to the single line built on Yali Caddesi. Therefore, the same place will have to be excavated for the second time. This will make the traffic of vehicles stuck due to the tramline that was built before, even more inconvenient. From the last change Karşıyaka The green texture on the coast will also have its share. Since the palm cannot be touched because it is registered and protected, many trees will be rooted. This is Karşıyaka It will destroy the green texture of the beach to a great extent. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, in order to solve the urban public transportation problem, in February 2014, Konak and Karşıyaka Gülermak AŞ won the tender for the Tramway Projects for 182 million 144 thousand 261 liras + 69 million 153 thousand 255 euros. In July 2014, a contract was signed with the contractor company and the site was delivered, but the subsequent route changes that were made one after the other and almost made headway, some bureaucrats were also off their seats.



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