37 manufactures new subway cars of billion dollar Chinese giant Izmir

37 billion Chinese giant İzmirin produces new metro wagons: Izmir producing new subway cars for the Chinese crrc'n boss Zhigang, came to invite Turkey İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu. Last year 37 billion dollars turnover of the giant company's first wagons will be in Izmir from September. 2017 will expand its fleet more than twice as much with the new wagon.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's Metro A.Ş. While manufacturing the 95 wagons ordered by China to be used in China, the manufacturer CRRC's Chief Executive Officer Hou Zhigang visited Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu. Zhigang, Izmir Metropolitan Mayor, the first party of the new wagons to the railroad invited to the country for a ceremony.

Zhigang conveyed information about the new wagons' production processes and new projects in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality where he came with a delegation including Vice-Presidents Yu Weiping and Wu Ann.

Last year's turnover 37 billion dollars

CRRC Corporation Ltd., located in central capital Beijing, is a very well-established, giant company founded in 1881. CRRC, the pioneer in rail system manufacturing, has a turnover of 37 billion last year. 300 km per hour. The company is also a manufacturer of speeding EMU trains and also works on electric buses, wind farms and water treatment systems. CRRC, 10 operates with a thousand staff.

Number of wagons to double

Izmir Metro Inc. The 95 set-up fleet of 19 wagons purchased by the company continues to be built at the 2.3 million square meter factory of the CRRC in Tangshan. The first part of the new wagons, which cost 79.8 million Euros, will be in İzmir since September. With all of the sets coming to the middle of 2017, İzmir Metro will have more than doubled the number of vehicles in its fleet. İzmir Metro A.Ş. continues to provide service with 87 wagon.



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