Restoration of the Hejaz Railway

Restoration of the Hejaz Railway: Jordan Hijaz Railway General Manager Luzi: - “Hejaz is the oldest railway in the Middle East. It's still in use. The expeditions to Syria stopped due to the recent incidents "- restoration agreement signed with Turkey consists of three parts

Jordan Hejaz Railway Agency General Director Salah al-Luzi, the Hijaz, the agreement signed with Turkey for the restoration of the Iron Road that consists of three parts, he said.

Luzi, said in a statement, the Ottoman Empire and in Paris the former Republic of Turkey State Railways in 2010, related to the Hijaz Iron Road, referred to as legacy of the Republic of Turkey (TCDD) General Director Süleyman Karaman, 2011, the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination He stated that he was meeting with Serdar Çam, the President of the Agency (TİKA).

Stating that the aim of the Hejaz Railway is to shorten the way of those who go to the holy lands, Luzi said, “Hejaz is the oldest railway in the Middle East. It is still used. The flights to Syria were stopped due to recent events. ” said.

Stating that there are 9 trains currently used for various purposes and that they will start using 3 more trains next year, Luzi reminded that an agreement regarding the restoration of the Hejaz Railway was signed during the visit of Jordan to the end of March. Luzi gave the following information regarding the agreement signed between TİKA and Jordan Hicaz Railway Authority:

“The agreement consists of 3 main parts. The first section covers the opening of a 3-square-meter 3m-euro museum, with pictures of the history and construction of the railroad, and some tools used at the stations, while the second part includes the restoration of 9 buildings from the Ottoman Empire in the first phase. The last section also contains the Hejaz Railway Authority in Turkey to 150 thousand euros worth of gifts to business machinery. "

Railways also expressed the need to open centers and institutes for the training of staff Luzi, he also said they wanted to be in cooperation with Turkey.

Hicaz Railway was built between Damascus and Madinah between the years 2-1900 by the order of the Ottoman Sultan Abdulhamit II.



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