Denial from IETT to the claim that metrobuses collided

Denying the claim that metrobuses are colliding from IETT: IETT stated that the claim that 4 people were injured as a result of collision of metrobus in Okmeydanı was not true.

In a statement made by IETT, it was stated in some press organs that there were reports that “4 people were injured as a result of the collision of metrobuses in Okmeydanı”.

In the statement that the news in question did not reflect the truth, the following was recorded: “A passenger in the metrobus stood on the metrobus road by panicking, stopping due to a malfunction in our vehicle at the Okmeydanı metrobus station. The information in the press that 'the collision of metrobuses and 4 passengers were injured' does not reflect the truth. Our business continues its routine service. ”



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