Train to Clouds

Train to the Clouds: The train route on the Chile-Argentina border, in the Andes, is the last favorite of tourists.

These railroads built by the British years ago aimed to bring the copper extracted from the mines in the Atakama Desert to the Great Ocean beaches by trains. Atacama, which is the driest desert in the world and covered with a soft, red colored soil, not classical sand, is today a popular destination for tourists.

Train services for tourists are now organized on the Atacama - Büyükokyanus route. Tourists enjoy an incredible journey in the desert with the train services starting from the border between Chile and Argentina, called 'Train to the Clouds'.

Train 4 thousand 200 meters up the world's highest railroad passes. It definitely allows you to take a tour worth seeing, and it is moving in the high mountains. When the altitude is 4200 meter, especially those who are not used to this height can have difficulty breathing, they can find stomachs and feel very tired.

If this route has already occurred to you, you can gradually explore what you should do to get used to the higher altitudes. Good trip already!

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