Batumi railway to link Granting the request from Turkey

Batumi Granting Access from the railway to Turkey Request: Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association (DKİB) Chairman Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan Georgian government, the Chinese government decided to be built under the Free Trade Agreement with his and 3 years completed an annual 100 million tons of freight transport envisaged in Georgia He stated that Anaklia Port is aimed to be an important cargo transportation terminal between China and Europe.

In a written statement, Gürdoğan stated that the South Caucasian region is located at the intersection of the world trade routes, and Georgia, as a transit country, has built its economy thanks to the continuous development of the transportation infrastructure and integration into the transportation corridors across Europe.

Noting that Georgia has been involved in the implementation of the TRACECA (Europe-Caucasus-Asian Transport Corridor) project from the very beginning with the active support of the European Union, Gürdoğan said, “In this country where infrastructure and rehabilitation activities are given great importance, most of the cargo is transported by the railway system of the country. The project to increase the capacity of the Georgian railways continues actively and infrastructure investments such as rehabilitation of the wagon fleet, the construction of new railway bridges and the addition of additional rails in areas with heavy traffic continue increasingly. ”

Gürdoğan emphasized that the Anaklia Port of Georgia, which was decided to be built within the scope of the Free Trade Agreement signed by the Georgian government with the Chinese government, and is expected to be completed in 3 years, and is expected to carry 100 million tons of cargo annually, and is an important cargo transportation terminal between China and Europe. Gürdoğan noted the following:

“Currently, there are Batumi and Poti sea ports and Supsa and Kulevi sea terminals in Georgia, and with the completion of Georgia's Anaklia Port, the number of sea ports will increase to 5 in the country. The Anaklia Deep Sea Port Project, the tender of which was completed on February 8, 2016, undertaken by the Anaklia Development Consortium, TBC Holding and Conti International US, has gained the title of the strategic investment project of the year with a forum held in Washington. This line, which will be created as a result of the project supported by the European Union, will be the most important line that connects Europe and Central Asian Republics over the Black Sea, as well as being strategically important for the revival of the Great Silk Road. ”

Indicating that the Port of Anaklia is aimed to revive the Caucasus and Central Asia by opening trade routes for other neighboring and neighboring countries of Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, “As a result, Anaklia port with a load capacity of 100 million tons is the most important corridor of railways, which will carry Georgia's economic potential to the world, strengthen Georgia's hand in the international arena as well as its contribution to employment, and transport goods and services reliably between the Far East, the Caucasus and European countries. It is predicted that it will be the focus ”.

Request to invest in ports

Gürdoğan stated that Trabzon Port, which had an important advantage in terms of transit transportation before 1990 and was used in transit transportation for Middle Eastern countries as a result of this position, lost its advantageous position due to the absence of railway connections.

“In this context, while such big projects are being realized in the geography, which is only 150 kilometers from our borders, our country needs to take a quick hand in investment in ports in order to become an important international trade and logistics base of the region by making use of the opportunities provided by its geostrategic position. In this context, in order to make new ports and to make additional capacity investments to existing ports, it is necessary to correctly determine the competitive position in the sector both at the regional and global level. Besides the common culture and history union with our country, the Turkic Republics and Central Asian countries, which have the largest underground and aboveground energy and raw material resources, are among the strategic markets that should be given importance due to their geographical proximity to our country. It is of great importance for the future to establish agreements and infrastructure requirements that will remove the barriers to trade by giving importance to the development of our trade relations with the Turkic Republics and Central Asian countries. ”

Turkey and the Eastern Black Sea, considering the logistic advantages and potential, said it should be done as soon as possible regarding investments and the necessary legal arrangements to connect to the rail network advocating Gurdogan, "Just limit our neighbor Georgia, to develop the railway in Batumi by railway cooperation projects The railway route that provides transportation to the People's Republic of China via its line has activated its potential. When Georgia said port projects and rail links to the consideration would be possible to reach China in 10 days as a result of the implementation, the potential to emerge from Batumi railway order for Turkey's share of a link from Turkey is of great importance. " found the assessment.



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