We can walk across Derince Harbor

We will be able to walk across the Derince Port: For a while, the agenda of the city and the reaction will be made in the Derince Port of Parliament in the TGNA about the filling of the CHP Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar fillings in the coming soon with the citizens can pass across the street, he said.
CHP Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar, who criticized the permission of filling for an area of ​​420 thousand square meters in Derince Port with harsh words, said the following. “My Kocaeli deputies are here too, let them listen. Derince Port was privatized, one year ago, we are in its first year. 320 thousand square meters was privatized and 420 thousand square meters of filling were allowed. This fill will be made in the sea, friends; It is 1 kilometer parallel to the shore, 450 meters to the south side, which we call Gölcük side, and is the narrowest point of the Gulf. You did not need to build the gulf bridge, if you had allowed a little more filling, we would have been able to cross the sea from there on foot. ''
Stating that there are 44 ports in the Gulf but they are not used efficiently, CHP Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar continued his words as follows. “There is no such filling in Derince Harbor. All of the new term deputies had said that another embankment would not be allowed in the Gulf, but they got the permission of this filling with privatization and today they started to take the first steps of that filling. How will it affect the city with a population of 130 thousand. Look, right now, an average of 7-8 trucks per day, 3 thousand trucks enter a year. After this filling is completed, an area of ​​500 thousand containers will be built and 1.370 trucks will enter this city. Where will these trucks come from? We are talking about a port that is not connected to highways, Derince will use its own center, think about the noise and exhaust pollution it will create there. "
CHP Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar, who said that although this port does not have an area to park 100 trucks, is being increased to a capacity of 1.370 trucks, said, “If there is a need for a port, 44 of 34 ports are active and 10 of them are idle, they can be activated, there is no need for sea fill. ; I'm trying to say that. In addition, the company did not fulfill its obligations in the port, which was privatized a year ago. After this contract is signed illegally - TCDD has to be audited for a year - this company uses an area of ​​100 thousand square meters, 1,40 dollars per square meter, the company you privatized uses the area of ​​the State Railways for free, which makes 1 million 700 thousand dollars. . I took his pictures, bought his films, this company did not pay 1 penny rent to TCDD, the State Railways, for a full year, and it has not done this either.
I call my friends
Mentioning that there are tenants in that port area as per the contract, CHP Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar concluded his words as follows. There are operators that the State Railways previously leased for ten or fifteen years. They have to wait for their ships for three days, to be able to unload their goods in their own area, because this company is making a tariff change even though the contract is prohibited for one year. It increases 3 tariffs to 7 tariffs. Yearly kazanci $34 million, $34 million extra kazanIt provides three, even though it is not in the contract, no action is taken. Three times, four times, I had to call TCDD from the port so that the citizens could unload their cargo. We are faced with such a situation, it needs to be prevented, that filling should not be allowed, I call my friends to duty from here.

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