Geographic Condition Does Not Allow Speed

Geographical Condition Does Not Allow Speed: After completion of Rehabilitation of Irmak-Karabük-Zonguldak Railway Line, AKP proxies participated in test drive
Passenger transportation was resumed in the Karabük-Gökçebey-Zonguldak section, the construction works of which were completed in the Rehabilitation and Signalization Project of Irmak-Karabük-Zonguldak Railway Line.
In the new arrangement made by TCDD, trains numbered 22301 and 22302 were put into service to operate between Zonguldak-Karabük-Zonguldak. Rehabilitation and signalization projects of Irmak-Karabük-Zonguldak line were carried out with European Union IPA funds within the scope of 'Transport Operational Program'. Passenger transportation between Zonguldak and Karabük, whose modernization studies have been completed, will also be carried out with modern and comfortable DMU (15000 '') Diesel Train Sets. Sets, each with a capacity of 132 seats, provide comfort close to high speed train sets.
AK Party Zonguldak Deputy Hüseyin Özbakır and Özcan Ulupınar took the 07: 50 train going to Gökçebey in the morning and participated in the test drive in the engineer's seat. Ozbakir and Ulupinar AK Party Provincial Chairman Zeki Tosun, Mayor of Filyos Ömer Ünal, Mayor of Saltukova with CHP Zerrin Güneş, President of Yeniceliler Association Yaşar Karaman, Chairman of Black Sea Mukhtar Federation Şerafettin Nas, Provincial Councilor İsmail Terzi and mayors in the region The party also accompanied.
Özbakır expressed his happiness for the reopening of Zonguldak Railway Station and added that the official opening of the station will be realized with the arrival of the European Union officials.
Özbakır said in a statement: lam After long efforts and efforts, we have finally come to a happy ending. Our train services have started now. Even though there is no official opening, our train services are starting now. After the trial phase, an official opening is made. I think it's really beautiful. Teren provides both fast and comfortable travel. It takes longer to drive. I haven't traveled by train in years. Good service began, especially on behalf of our citizens are really happy. I'm saying that God will allow me to come and go without accident..
We rank the 6'NC IN TURKEY
The AK Party Zonguldak Deputy Ozcan Ulupınar half said that with the onset of fast trains, Zonguldak in Turkey, stressing that in the xnumx'nc, "our hometown and our nation get better. Hopefully, our trains will be in the service of our citizens without interruption. Our aim is to make these flights more frequent. Karabük and then to continue this campaign will be working in Ankara. A good transportation means comfortable and safe. It is also quite cheap compared to other means of transport. There was a longing. As you can see from today's enthusiasm. May Allah not cause any trouble, good luck. This train can reach 6 per hour. It consists of a dual DMO type diesel train set and these are new wagons. We received information from our friends. We rank the xnumx'nc at this point in Turkey. No point in many of these cars in Turkey. It is not possible to have fast flights here because geographic conditions do not give. 140 speed per hour is a speed that can be reached in intercity trains. Stop here because it is not possible to go up to the speed. It may have been a bit slower today, but we'll see that the signaling is literally getting faster when it's sitting out. Bugün
In the Saltukova district of Zonguldak - Gökçebey half-speed train, where the AKP delegation participated in the test drive, an unexpected participation took place in the train. Zakrin, the mayor of Saltukova with CHP, who was the alleged assassination of the AKP in recent days, took a train on the Sun and traveled to Gökçebey with a delegation from AKP.
Journalists, the AKP about the allegations that the transition to make a statement on the Sun said in his statement that the different reasons should be sought to take the train, said: üzerine On the day of the departure of the train to the AK Party, the question of the allegations were not appropriate to pass. I shouldn't be looking for different meanings when I get on this train. Does it have an AK Party, MHP or CHP? I got a phone call from the Mayors who were on this route and I took the train by representing the citizens. This service came as a result of the works that we made at the point of arrival of trains as Saltukova Municipality and its people. I am my citizen and I am here to represent my people. I advocate that everyone should be involved without party separation. I will make the necessary explanations about my transition to the AK Party in the coming days. AK
When Gökçebey was reached, Gökçebeyliler welcomed a delegation of the AKP. Turkish flags dangled by the students at the railway station. Mayor Vedat Öztürk was presented flowers to the deputies. After the enthusiastic welcome, the delegation visited the District Governor Bünyamin Bilgin after having breakfast with the citizens. After the visit to Bilgin, the AK Party deputies met with the public in Gökçebey and then visited Gökçebey Mayor Vedat Öztürk in his office.
Answering questions from journalists in the Presidential visit of the AK Party Zonguldak deputy Özcan Ulupınar, the CHP's Mayor Zonguldak criticized, Ul Mr. Muharrem Akdemir when he wanted, I've met with the person he wants. No matter what your party is, it is important to serve Zonguldak. This is not the only way to take a picture while giving a file. Let him follow his work. Let me talk to her if she didn't see me with the person concerned. I also have my advice, do not send me a message over the press. He's on my head so he can pick up the phone and tell him what he wants. Telefon
Ulupınar, who also made statements about the TOKİ project, which is expected by retirees, said that there is no municipality in the city center and therefore they suffered serious problems in public investments. Yle Zonguldak Municipality is a city without a problem! That is why we completed public investments in districts, but we have difficulty in making it in Zonguldak. Zonguldak municipality is the only place where there is no one in Turkey TOKI Project. TOKI is the municipality? Of course not. We will do 3 housing in Çınartepe, there is no municipality in the business. If there is no place for Zonguldak for retirees, there is also a place. Pensioners Association, Mayor come to us. Who escapes such responsibility? I'm gonna put them on my sleeve and bring them to the TOKI President myself. But this should be your municipality. The city is the owner of the city. We're having problems with space and zoning. Currently, public investments in Zonguldak are hampering, ong he said.
MHP Karaman Mayor Mustafa Kalaycı'nun also reminded him that a debt of Ulupınar, un Karaman Mayor's barriers to the services of the words are not completely real. This was before the AK Party government. All municipalities receive equal service assistance. I've never even heard of him! Zonguldak is awarded three municipalities by the Union of Municipalities. The municipalities will have the AK Party, CHP and MHP. We didn't say three of them were AK Party, we would be removed to other provinces, but we said 'No' and brought to our region. We have always been in this past day. There was a request from the Diyanet about the mosque. Karaman'da mosque in the help we have removed, again we remove. AK Party ruling, the opposition does not discriminate. If we have a request from us, we are ready to help, Karaman is ours. Biz

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