New Tramways Will Be Tender To Transportation In Eskişehir

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality will take the tender for the purchase of 14 new tram to increase the carrying capacity of the trams by taking into account the increasing passenger demand.
According to information received from the Eskisehir Metropolitan Municipality, the new lines to the city with the addition of new lines to reach the increase in the number of passengers on the tram line 40 decision to be taken on the tender of the Metropolitan Municipality tomorrow.
Estram officials stated that the purchase of trams with the same features is important in terms of being able to be used on existing rails and stop intervals and maintenance of new trams in the maintenance workshop. Estram officials said, “With the tender to be made, we want the best quality and most economical products to be delivered to the people of Eskişehir as soon as possible. With 14 trams to be taken, a great distance in 'Sustainable Urban Transport' kazanwe will. In this way, we will contribute to the global climate change struggle by reducing the carbon footprint created by exhaust gases in the city.” made the statement.
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