Derbent district of Konya turned black again

Derbent district of Konya rebuilt land: Konya's Ski Center is planned to be located in the town of Aladag Derbent district, days before April reappeared to white.

Derbent Mayor Hamdi Acar, said in a statement, since the county began to be effective since yesterday with the snowfall in March, the district has achieved a white image for the second time, "Snow means rainfall, blessings mean. Derbent district again brought abundance of snow falling. Like our farmers, we were very happy with the rain. We thank God Almighty thousands of times in this regard. The height of the snow reaching 5 centimeter in the center of our district will be the Winter Sports Center of Konyam, and 11 centimeter has reached in the measurements made on the lower slopes of Aladağ. We think the height of snow is even higher at the summit. That is to say, I hope we will enjoy skiing in Aladağ in April. ”

After the snow stopped in the center of the town to play out the snow ball, the snowmen were seen.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 16:46

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