Awareness Study for Level Crossings in TCDD 1.

Awareness Study for Level Crossings was conducted in TCDD 1. District: A de Awareness Study on Highway Drivers in Level Crossings UM was conducted at the Directorate of TCDD 1.
TCDD 1.In the Thrace section of the Directorate of Ispartakule, Velimese, Muratli, Edirne, Apullu, Luleburgaz and Çerkezköyde Awareness Study on Highway Drivers in Level Crossings “was conducted.
In accordance with the İl Regulation on Measures and Implementation Principles to be Taken at the Railway Level Crossings T by TCDD 1 District SDS Directorate, informative presentations were made to the Governorships, Special Provincial Administrations, Regional Directorates of Municipalities and Highways, and the regulations and regulations issued.
Within this scope, the risk analysis studies of the 128 level crossing in the area of ​​responsibility of our Regional Directorate have been completed.
In accordance with the Risk Analysis reports made by TCDD 1 Regional Directorate of Risk Management, information was given to the Governorates in the provinces where the crossings are located in accordance with the provisions of the doğr Regulation on Measures and Implementation Principles to be Taken on Railway Level Crossings d.
Studies have been initiated to make the 30.000 pieces level crossing above or below the 15 level crossing. The leveling and marking of level crossings under the cruising torque 30000 has been completed. In order to determine the irregular crossings made by road drivers at the level crossings and the damage caused by the vehicles to the level crossing barriers and arms, the installation of the 32 separate level crossing camera systems in the Thrace section was completed and transitions from the level crossings were recorded with the camera and monitored regularly every month.
In this context, in order to raise awareness of vehicle drivers using level crossings in our Directorate of Highways, 10.000 pieces hand brochures prepared for road drivers in level crossings within the scope of Regional Directorate were distributed to road drivers.

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