General Electric, which makes production base passing attack in Turkey

General Electric, which made passing attack in Turkey production base Tulomsaş partner GE, has exported 11 locomotives production base of his from Turkey to Europe, and was followed new projects in North Africa and the Middle East. 20 locomotives were delivered to TCCD, TCDD has '250 locomotive renewal' project on the agenda.

General Electric accelerates the export of 'GE PowerHaul' diesel locomotives produced in Eskişehir in partnership with Tülomsaş. Middle East, North Africa and the companies producing this model in Turkey for the European markets, exports to Europe and the UK 11 we locomotives. TCDD 20 locomotive delivering the company's agenda on the agenda of the organization of the 250 freight locomotive has a renewal project.

General Electric (GE), 175 300 in the country operates with more than a thousand employees. In particular, offering the latest technology solutions to address infrastructure needs in Turkey's GE employs more than 2 thousand and eight offices and facilities.

Günceleme: 09/12/2018 16:41

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