Minister Bozdağ, Yozgat will be the center of high speed train in 2023

Minister Bozdağ will be the center of Yozgat high-speed train in 2023: Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdağ and Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Fikri Işık met with industrialists and businessmen in Yozgat.
Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdağ and Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Fikri Işık met with industrialists and businessmen in Yozgat.
Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdağ, who attended the meeting held at the Grand Ser Hotel, made a speech here. Stating that they will conclude with a meeting with businessmen at the end of a very important day for Yozgat today, Bozdağ said, “Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık Bey honored our city, we hosted him in Yozgat today. Our Yozgat was the scene of the meeting and development of science and industry in Yozgat, which is important for the development of Yozgat, and the evaluation of Yozgat by the most competent person and giving instructions within this framework. Morning in Turkey's defense industry even stronger in the future as a place that we believe will guarantee the work of the Textile, which improves the production, innovation was the opportunity to see the spot. The support of our dear minister will continue from now on. We visited Eransan, and there are works that make us proud. Of course, having the Technopark in the center of Yozgat is another blessing. For the first time in Yozgat, our technopark university was active and very important work is being done there, maybe new, but this will come. It is a very innovative resource center for both the people of Yozgat, the valuable academicians of Bozok University and the people from other provinces who want to invest in Yozgat, who want to make improvements and changes. Good work is being done there as well, we have seen it on the spot once again today, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who worked. "
Stating that they went together with Mr. Fikri Işık, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, in the place planned as Yozgat, Bozok Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ), Minister Bozdağ said, “Our minister made examinations about the place and I believe that being located between Yozgat - Sorgun - Alaca is extremely important for the future of Yozgat, I hope it will be completed in a short time. I would like to thank our dear minister who gave his good news to the people of Yozgat in his speech today. He not only gave good news of the new OIZ, but also gave the bureaucrats the order of Bozok OIZ to be delivered to investors in 2018. I would like to thank our minister once again, ”he said.
Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdağ emphasized that the development and development of a province is not only possible with the success of politicians, and said, “The politician prepares the environment, builds the infrastructure and superstructure and establishes a common ground for the investors, and does whatever he can with the aid it will give them. But on the other hand, the players on the field will play the match. So business people will do this, you are the team, and we see it as someone who supports that team. When the team plays well, of course, we will be happy and happy about it. Therefore, I would like to express our gratitude to all our businessmen and industrialists who invested in Yozgat today. We had some infrastructural deficiencies to improve Yozgat's investment environment. Important steps have been taken regarding them. Indeed, for the development of a province, it is extremely important that the goods produced there reach the market. Yozgat had a problem due to its roads. Today, we came to roads like the highway from Yozgat roads where two vehicles could not overtake each other. I hope the BSK of the divided road will be significantly completed this year. High speed train will bring a separate opportunity to Yozgat. Antalya and Konya high-speed trains out there Yerkoy, adanaya, any of the four thousand will be reached next to Turkey's Samsun way to black out. By 2023, Yozgat will become one of the main assembly and distribution center of the high-speed train. I hope Yozgat will be among our provinces that offer very important opportunities for investors when the new OIZ starts to operate in our airport by high-speed train until 2019. I have no doubt about that. Doing these will also bring convenience for investors, and will reach the market more easily by train. He will be able to bring the technical staff and other facilities he wants to bring here more easily with the airport. But Yozgat has one more drawback in this area, it is a 5-star hotel. Yozgat needs a 5-star hotel. Foreign investors and businessmen should have this service similar to Istanbul and elsewhere in Yozgat. Whoever wants to make a 5-star hotel in Yozgat, we are ready to help and support him. I wish the state built a hotel, we would build one in Yozgat, but the state does not build a hotel. Did our university come for the development of our industry? Has our technopark arrived? I hope the divided road, high speed train, and airport transportation become convenient for Yozgat. We are getting better with the new OSB. "It is very important that we crown this with a hotel and move Yozgat to a better point in this respect."
Emphasizing that Yozgat should take other provinces as an example instead of competing with other provinces, Minister Bozdağ said, “Sometimes it is spoken. We compare Yozgat in some big cities, we compare it with Ankara and Kayseri, so I say that comparison does not add anything to us. How much we benefit from the guidance of Kayseri, the success of Kayseri, the success of Ankara, the success of Ankara under the guidance of Ankara. How many examples we take them, we carry them to our province, and we urge our own city to run in the same track. We will look at our own strength, our own possibilities. We will strive to follow the path the successful ones take. Taking them as an example, not jealous of them, will make us bigger. Not criticizing them, but going their way makes us successful. That's why I say that we will look at our own strength, our own possibilities, we can run forward stronger by guiding the successful examples around us. Therefore, I would like to thank all my fellow townsmen who invested in Yozgat and all our brothers and sisters who came from outside of Yozgat. I hope to improve the next period, investment environment, development and Turkey's attractive to be converted into one of the positive work that we continued to date, the number of our minister, we will continue to pursue with the support of our government, "he said.

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