Turkey should become Global Logistics Center

Turkey should become Global Logistics Center: Transport, Shipping and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICC) organized 'Efficiency in Road Transport and 2023 Vision' attended the meeting.
In line with the Government's Master Plan on Logistics and Transportation, the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, which defines the logistics and transportation sector as the strategic sector of this year, which includes all of the land, air, sea, and rail transport, passed on its demands and suggestions to the Minister Yıldırım.
Minister Yıldırım said, iş The sector needs to renew itself according to changing transportation conditions and business conditions. Can not read the change, can not build the future. If we can establish a transport infrastructure that completes and integrates each other, our country will also benefit from it. In said Mr. Yıldırım, they also approached the proposal of the establishment of an advisory board to consult the needs of the sector.
Istanbul Chamber of Commerce President İbrahim Çağlar Turkey of the transport sector, progress in the last thirteen years, 'he said to prepare a new Turkey.
President Caglar said: ir Produce what you produce. Or how successful you are in marketing. If an economy is tied at the transportation point, there is a problem in that economy. Mr. Minister for his work with the fact that Turkey's geostrategic position 'to turn the geostrategic opportunity to put forward strategies. Turkey's becoming a global logistics center to transfer air, sea and rail with road transport of our country is an integral part of being a global logistics transfer Mekez "he said.
“Not really understandable. They're increasing our cost. Çağlar also said that the EU has to remove obstacles such as quota and clearance permits in road transport. Ilı There are people, goods, transporters, trade will be done but EU legislation is blocking us. We expect the EU to abandon this approach that has harmed both sides as soon as possible vel.
In the meeting, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, who listened to the demands of the sector, presented a comprehensive report on the sectoral expectations of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.

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