On the route of Konak Tram again revision is made

The route of the Konak Tramway is undergoing revision: Konak and KarşıyakaWhen the route was changed 7 times in total in tram projects, everyone thought it was right. However, the route of Konak Tramway is changing for the fifth time.
Karşıyaka and Konak Tramvası projects revisions are never ending. 4 route of Konak Tramway in two years, Karşıyaka The fact that the route of the tram was changed 3 times made it even to the occupational chambers. While it is assumed that the correct routes have been found after so many changes, the Konak Tram is being revised for the 5th time. The technical team headed by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Buğra Gökçe started working on the project for revision. According to the information obtained, 3 alternative routes were determined for the tram. The first of these will be Fevzipaşa Boulevard. The line coming in front of Konak Pier will return to Fevzipaşa Boulevard from here. The line that will turn left from the point where Fevzipaşa Boulevard intersects with Gaziosmanpaşa Boulevard will pass to Şair Eşref Boulevard after continuing on Gaziosmanpaşa Boulevard. Here, the line that will be divided into two as arrival and departure will go to Vahap Özaltay Square. The tram line will reach Halkapınar on the Martyrs' Boulevard, where the Alsancak Stadium is located. Another alternative is Gazi Boulevard… The line that will return from Gazsa Boulevard to Gazi Boulevard will go to Gaziosmanpaşa Boulevard. From here you will return to Şair Eşref Boulevard and continue on this route until Alsancak Station. The third and last alternative route will follow Cumhuriyet Boulevard directly in front of EBSO and İTO without deviating from Konak to Gazi and Fevzipaşa Boulevard. The line that will reach Cumhuriyet Square from here will continue on Talatpaşa Boulevard, where the DEU Rectorate is located. The line, which will go to Vahap Özaltay Square, from here, will follow Halkitler Boulevard and reach Halkapınar.
After the technical teams working on the routes that are not yet clear, after finalizing the revision envisaged in the project, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will present it to the approval of Aziz Kocaoğlu. Kocaoğlu will make the final decision. If this revision happens, Konak Tram will have achieved a difficult record to reach before it even begins. With the last change KarşıyakaThe line, which has been revised 3 times in Istanbul, will face the 5th revision in Konak.
Mansion and Karşıyaka The tender for the Tramway Projects was held in February 2014, and Gülermak company awarded the tender for 182 million 144 thousand 261 liras plus 69 million 153 thousand 255 euros. kazanhad been. In July 2014, a contract was signed with the contractor company and the site was delivered. Karşıyaka3 times in Konak and 4 times in Konak. The routes that changed from the evening to the morning literally made the hair go wrong. The project, which has been the subject of controversy with the changes of routes that took place one after the other, overtook 3 bureaucrats in two years.

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