Additional flights from Russian Railways so that the little girl does not miss dance lessons

Additional expeditions from Russian Railways so that the little girl does not miss dance lessons: Russian Railways arranged the departure hours so that 13-year-old Nina Nalimova could catch dance lessons.
Nina Nalimova has been taking ballroom dance lessons since she was 8 years old. Nina, who previously attended a dance school near her home, started attending a school a few stations away from her home after her dance instructor got sick. However, the 18.00 train that Nina boarded every day to catch the dance lesson was lifted in October.
Nina's father, Boris Nalimov, said, “We went to the dance school many times by the 17.00 train, but at this hour my daughter did not have time to study. So he took his textbooks with him and wrote his homework on a piece of handkerchief. We would have to make a choice: we would either drop dance lessons or do something else, ”he says.
Eventually the Nalimovs decided to 'do something else' and wrote a letter to the Russian Railways. Boris Nalimov, who wrote a letter to the railways, explained that his daughter had trouble catching up to the dance school in Zelenograd, outside Moscow, and the reasons for this.
'I couldn't take my mind off the letter they wrote to us'
The railway officials also decided to reorganize the 18.00 flight after a while. As a matter of fact, Aleksey Sitnikov, a local railway official, said, “I could not forget the letter they wrote to us. That's why we decided we had to do something, ”he said.
Father Nalimov said, “Everything is fine now. We go to the dance school by train, ”he said.

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