New transfer system in İZBAN

New transfer system in İZBAN: With the start of Torbalı flights last week on Saturday, a new regulation was introduced in İZBAN and the transfer system was introduced. According to this, the transfer system will be implemented from Menemen to Aliğa, from Cumaovası to Torbalı. On this line, 27 76 voyage on a single day 2 expedition, the distance between the two ends of the rails approximately XNUMX hours after a new application was implemented for Friday and Menemen.
İZBAN officials made a statement on the subject, “With the new arrangements will be faster. A train to go out and take the 110 kilometers to find the 4 clock with the breaks. We will move fast on short distances and bring our passengers wherever they want. We have implemented this system to make the rail system more useful. When we accept Halkapınar as the center, trains will travel to Cumaovası and Menemen.
Menemen Aliaga'ya, friday waiting for the train waiting for Torbalı'ya. This system is not transferring. There is no way to re-insert or move cards. They will continue their transportation by taking the train waiting in the opposite direction within the same station. Waiting times will not exceed a few minutes, Bekleme he said.

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