National Signal System comes to life

The National Signal System comes to life: TCDD 3. Regional Director Murat Bakir, for level crossings, TÜBİTAK, ITU and BILGEM and joint projects they produce, he said.
Aydın said that the level crossings within the boundaries of the regional directorate between Denizli and Denizli were selected as pilot regions and said, in Our level crossings and signaling system will be national. Aydın
Regional Manager Bakır, noting that the name of the project is “National Signal System”, said, “The budget allocated in 2015 is 20 million TL. Only 6 million TL of this was used in 2015. When the project is completed, the signaling at the level crossings on this route from Denizli to Ortaklar will be national. Signalization, barrier arms, warning systems will all become national. We had foreigners do these things and paid millions of dollars. Nothing of foreign origin will be used. The materials, software and design will also be national. We will establish this system with our own brainpower. " He spoke in the form.

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