Train Crash in Egypt

Train Accident in Egypt: It was stated that 70 people were injured as a result of a train overturning in the early hours of the morning in Beni Suveyf, Egypt.
AA Suleyf Provincial Health Director Cemal al-Ore, speaking to the AA correspondent, in the morning as a result of the overthrow of a train 70 injured, said there is no loss of life.
He said that the wounded were taken to the Nasir Al-Merkezi and Beni Suveyf hospitals.
Ore, referring to the details of the boiler, the train crashed into the concrete barrier after the derailment of the event occurred, he said.
Eyewitnesses to the station because of the speed of the train to reduce the speed of a larger accident, he said.
On the other hand, Beni Suveyf Provincial Police Chief Major General Mahmud al-Asiri, who spoke to the members of the press, said that the mechanic was taken to the hospital and said, “The first findings show that the main reason for the accident is the mechanic when entering the passage. Some reports indicate that the machinist did not respond to the control tower's call. ”
On January 31, 6 people died and 3 were injured as a result of a collision of a vehicle and train at the level crossing in Giza. Last March, 7 children died and 24 were injured as a result of a school shuttle and train collision on a highway in the Nile Delta.
Egyptian railways management has recently become the target of criticism due to the increase in accidents caused by engineer and railroad workers.
According to the data released by the Egyptian statistical bureau in 2011, Egypt is the country with the highest number of deaths due to road accidents in the Middle East. According to the data of the said unit, 2011 thousand 7 people died in traffic accidents in the country in 115.


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