Close to the end of Doha Metro in Qatar's Capital

The Doha Metro, the capital of Qatar, is nearing the end: the construction of the green line of Doha Metro, Qatar's capital, is underway. Finally, the tunneling work of the 2 drilling machine was completed. Studies have reached up to Msheireb, which will be the last station of the green line of Doha Metro.
The Doha subway project has a total of 3 lines. Red, green and gold lines will be in the city after the end of the work in total 75 km long metro network will be formed. The length of the green line of the Doha Metro will be 22 km.
Japanese companies Mitsubishi and Kinki Sharyo will produce 75 3'er car-less driverless subway cars for use on the lines. French company Thales will conduct the signalization of the lines.

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