Electronic fee collection system in Izmir again failed

The electronic wage collection system in İzmir has failed again: The crisis in public transportation in İzmir last year broke out once again. Electronic fee collection system as a result of the failure of loading Izmirim Kart could make free travel
Izmir Urban public transportation system 1 June 2015 in the history of the crisis in the electronic fee collection system operated by Kartek yesterday after the failure occurred. Due to the failure of the bus, subway, ferry and İZBAN stations, electronic cards could not be loaded. Long queues occurred in front of the automatic balance loading machines at the counters and stations. As a result, citizens who could not load their card, took advantage of the public transportation vehicles again as they did in June. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality officials stated that the system malfunction originates from the main server and is trying to be remedied. Due to the system crisis in June last year, the people of İzmir used the public transportation vehicles free of charge for a week for ten days and as a result there was a public loss of about 15 million pounds. In order to collect public losses, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality had ordered both the old operator Kent Card Company and the new contractor Kartek to pay for the losses incurred by free riding. The fault occurred yesterday when the Torbalı Tepeköy line, which was put into service yesterday, was included in the system. During the week, the new line will be integrated into the electronic fee collection system, but yesterday, the first time before the first cruise to Tepeköy 05.25 system failure. The failure in the main server was not only limited to İZBAN, but also affected all the public transportation vehicles included in the system. The work to resolve the fault lasted until Saturday afternoon. But the fault could not be eliminated. As a result, citizens who do not have any balance in İzmirim Cards had to benefit from public transportation free of charge.
The latest system crisis occurred in June last year. Since the 1999 in İzmir, Kent Card Company, which operates the electronic fee collection system in public transportation vehicles in İzmir, lost the tender that was opened last year by the General Directorate of ESHOT. Kartek took the new tender. 1 In the morning of June, there was a crisis in public transportation vehicles and board filling points. While the valleys in public transport were not reading the cards, the cards could not be filled. As a result, the people of İzmir used the public transportation vehicles free of charge until the system was commissioned. ESHOT, İZDENİZ, METRO A.Ş and İZBAN were the result of the free access to the public.

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