There is a density of report cards on Ilgaz Mountain

Ilgaz vacation on Mount intensity is experiencing rationing: There is intensity in Ilgaz Yıldıztepe the semester break of Turkey's major ski resorts. Uludağ, Palandöken, as well as the famous ski resorts such as Kartalkaya, Ilgaz Mountain with Turkey's natural beauty, experiencing the most active period nowadays. The occupancy rate of hotels that reach 100 percent on the weekend decreases to 90 percent on weekdays.

Gazi University School of Physical Education and Sports, and Çankırı Ski Trainers Association Associate Professor. Ebru Cetin, Yıldıztepe Ski Center gave information about. Çetin said, gerçekten Yıldıztepe is really an incredible place. Nature is very beautiful, so you can record through the trees in Turkey, it is located in the forest, so no other suitable height as a ski skiing. "He said.

Cetin, who also gave information about the tracks, said, Pist He has two incredible beautiful tracks. One came into operation two years ago. If someone other 4,5 2,5 kilometers, which is again a first for Turkey. We think that skiers enjoy it very much. Kayak
Çetin stressed that the demand for runways increased this year, he gave the following information: yıl This year there is a really serious increase. It is quite important that the tracks are slowly being recognized. I think there is an increase in a satisfactory rate. The density was incredible over the weekend. I would say the 150 had a fullness. Currently, there is a charge of 80 and 90.

Çetin stated that there is a lot of demand from the surrounding provinces to the ski resort., We mostly hosted many citizens from Ankara, İstanbul, Samsun, Çorum, Çankırı and Kastamonu. This structure has a structure similar to a bowl and type, storm and so on. absolutely unaffected by weather conditions. Therefore, it is more enjoyable to ski. Dolayısıyla

Students who take ski training, the ski slopes pointed out that the beauty of having fun.

On the other hand, due to the intensity of the ski resort, the gendarmerie teams are constantly patrolling the area.

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