Skiing with lake view in Bitlis

Skiing pleasure with lake view in Bitlis: Nemrut Kardelen Ski Center in Tatvan district offers skiers the opportunity to ski across the lake view.

The ski center, located at the foot of Mount Nemrut, 13 kilometers from Tatvan, was flooded by ski lovers from Bitlis center and its districts and the surrounding area.

When the snow level in the region reaches the desired level, ski lovers have the opportunity to ski by watching the scenery in the ski resort between Nemrut Crater Lake and Lake Van.

Students who want to evaluate the best half of their holiday with the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather, Van Lake view experienced the enjoyment of the slide.

Nemrut Kardelen Ski Center Director Faruk Sinoglu, AA correspondent, skiers coming from the ski resort skiing in the beautiful landscape, he said.

Skiers in the facility with the view of Nemrut Crater and Van lakes skiing accompanied by Sinoglu expressing, said:

“Here, while skiing, you encounter an unattractive view. Sometimes we host our skiers in the center above the magnificent fog layer. When you go to the top of the center, you see Nemrut Crater Lake, and when you slide down, you see Lake Van. Ski lovers enjoy skiing in this beautiful landscape where blue and white meet. You cannot find such a ski resort. There is density in our ski center. Ski lovers from Bitlis and the surrounding cities come here and ski in the unique landscape. Due to the semester break, our center is open and open every weekday. "

John informatics from the Kayaksever stated that Turkey has no place in such a spectacular view of the ski resort there, "all ski and nature lovers expect here in our country," he said.

Citizens Ayettulah Cenk Forbidden in the 10 professional skiing for years, the view of Nemrut Crater Lake is a completely different beauty of the shift said.

The ban said, “This center has natural beauties. There is Nemrut on one side of the center and Lake Van on the other. We recommend all ski lovers to slide in this view ”.

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