Everyone is looking at the channel for Channel Istanbul

Channel Istanbul for everyone looking fal: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Binali Yildirim, Channel Istanbul Project has not yet determined the route, "the second half of this year, all kinds of problems related to the route will be solved," he said.
KANAL Istanbul: We did not officially define a route for the Kanal Istanbul Project. Everyone looks fortunate, lies in employment, 'the channel will pass through' he is selling. We want to avoid these speculations.
ROUTE: The project was carried out on the 5 route. One will appear as the route when the necessary inspections are completed comparatively. Starting from the second half of the year, any problems related to the route will be solved.
5 WILL COME IN THE YEAR: We are working on our own or public-private partnership formulas by providing alternative financing. The important thing is to finish the job very quickly without experiencing financing and technical problems. We are planning to complete 4, 5 you did not know in the year.
3. AIRPORT: A total of 10 billion 247 million euros will be spent when all stages are completed. The first part of 2018 will be opened in February. When we commission the new airport, there will be no scheduled transportation at Atatürk Airport.
3. BRIDGE: The bridge came down to the stage of completion. The last 150 mistress remained united. The 5-10 will show a bridge skyline during the day. The bridge will be finished in May gibi It will be ready for full opening as of August of this year.
ÇANAKKALE BRIDGE: Çanakkale is impassable, but we do not pass through the enemy, for the friendly Çanakkale is passed. Çanakkale 1915 Bridge will be the longest bridge in the world to date. Work is continuing, it will take shape at the end of the year, and then we will take action for its construction.
FINANCE: There are a lot of hot money opportunities in the world. I am not in the opinion that there will be financial difficulties in the projects. That's why I don't see any problems with financing.

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