Burdurlu Teens, Learning to Ski

📩 24/11/2018 16:34

Burdurlu Young, Skiing do is learn: Burdur Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Ahmet Sancar, Turkey announced a single view of the lake and the great slopes Salta they start having skiing lessons in the ski resort. Explaining that the course will be given by ski coaches to spread the ski branch to large masses, to remove young people from bad habits and to provide professional training for ski-loving young people, said that the course will continue on weekends during the ski season.

Expressing that the students from Burdur showed interest in the Ski Course, Manager Sancar noted that 135 young people were registered upon receipt of the applications. Manager Sancar asked that all the young people from Burdur should benefit from the ski course.

Stating that they have started the skiing course with the slogan 'We Teach Skiing to Burdur Youth,' the Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports, with the application of students who are interested in skiing, as a result of the announcements made to the primary schools in the City Center in order to spread the ski branch to a wider audience and to remove our children and young people from bad habits. In the Salda Ski Center in our Yeşilova District, a ski course was launched with the slogan of "We teach Skiing to Burdur Youth" during the ski season, including weekends, in the event of a semester break and education begins under the supervision of Ski Coach and Administrator. During the course, our athletes are taken to Yeşilova Salda Ski Center with the services allocated by our Provincial Directorate at Burdur Youth Center at 08.30. So far, the number of athlete students has reached 135 and our ski athlete student registrations will continue until the end of the ski season. ”