15 young train loses speed in Germany

In Germany, the young 15 lagged behind the high-speed train: the 15-year-old teenager in Etelsen, Germany, was waiting on the train. The child, who was under the fast train approaching the station, could not be saved despite all the interventions.

15-year-old boy who went to the train station with his out-of-school friend and waiting for the train at the station, landed on the tracks after he dropped his phone on the tracks. At that time the fast train approaching the station could not stop. The kid who was on the tracks for his phone fell from the train and died.

160 km quickly approached the station

Noticing that the high-speed train was approaching, the 160 was below the speeding train. Called to the scene, the medical teams could not save the young child despite all interventions.

The connection between Bremen and Hannover had to be closed for three hours due to the accident.



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