Is Konak Tramway

Konak Tramway became Fasonvay: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's regular assembly meeting in November was held under the administration of Deputy Chairman Sırrı Aydoğan. Speaking in the wishes and wishes section of the Assembly, AK Party Group Vice President Bilal Doğan asked the Konak Tram Line Project and said, “Is the foundation of the Konak Tram Line in Üçkuyular demonstrated? Has Konak Tramway been Fasonvay? ” said.

“Izmirers are deceived”

Doğan stated that the tender was held on the Konak Tram Line route without displacement on the ground, “The foundation of the Konak Tram Line was laid recently. Izmir residents have serious question marks about the project, the tender of which was held on February 26, 2014. Is the foundation of Konak Tramway laid in Üçkuyular as a show? Are Izmirians deceived? Have the necessary infrastructure displacement been carried out on the route where the tram line will pass? Where in the world are there projects that are tendered first and then displaced? On the other hand, the demands of the citizens regarding the parking lot have been ignored. ”

Doğan said, “Who will handle the damage caused by lack of foresight? We wish to give up this approach that is far from science with an imposing attitude and tries to fight and fight. I want to ask the following questions on behalf of the people of Izmir. Why has the nail not been nailed to Konak Tramway until now? Will the tram be a fason? Or is there a problem from the contractor company? Or is the municipality's indifference? Why haven't these studies started so far? As a result, will this project, which is planned to be completed in 3 years, be completed on time? ” said. Doğan, referring to Kocaoğlu's words “One morning will suddenly end” for the subway, “Will this project end suddenly one morning like other projects of the municipality? We wish that the subway, whose tram ends in 10 years, will not be the same as the cable car that ends in 8 years. We hope that the other tram project promised by Kocaoğlu will not be like that either. ”

“Ankara send money”

After Doğan's criticisms, Aydoğan said, “You bring up the same issues as Temcit rice. Something to Izmir kazanwe are trying to climb. While the Manisa Tunnel was continuing, the contractor company left and fled. Is the Minister of Transport guilty here? Send money and extend the Metro to the Bus Station," he said.

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