Everything Is For Convenient Transportation In Istanbul

Everything For Convenient Transportation in Istanbul: Ten thousand people working under the ground 7 hours a day, 24 days a week for the goal of "metro everywhere, metro everywhere" work to ensure that citizens can easily transport in Istanbul.

The underground world of Istanbul is more vibrant than ever yer Thousands of people every day underground under the 24 clock is sweaty so that the rest is comfortable. A total of 7234 people work in the ongoing metro and tunnel works in Istanbul. With the launch of the 3 storey tube transition project to the Bosphorus, the underground population of the megakent will be the 10 bin.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's Üsküdar-Ümraniye-Sancaktepe-Çekmeköy subway construction and Kartal-Pendik-Kaynarca lines operate a total of 2 bin 494 people. On the European side, the Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey metro line and the Vezneciler station 2. and the 3 bin 740 is serving in the Eurasia Tunnel. With the use of the most advanced technology, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş is approaching the 2019 kilometer rail system target until 430 rapidly. The huge tunneling machines are very difficult and expensive with the help of TBMs, meticulous drillings for months and high security measures. Mileage 100 million pounds, in the former words that cost 100 Trillion pounds to continue to work in the metro as well as strong financial facilities as well as the use of advanced technology is required.

Uz We don't see, but we have people working to make our lives easier in these underground tunnels. And that's where we went, and we just went underground. We visited the construction of Kartal-Kaynarca Metro line where approximately one thousand people work. Site manager Sami Kaya took us to the tunnels.

40 meters above ground

The transportation road, illuminated from bottom to top, removes the darkness after the tiles. We are visiting the stations one by one with Chef Sami Kaya. We are going into Pendik station; the tunnel where the passengers will go to the subway was completed and the workers of the underground started to work for the stairs.

I ask the employees and the civil engineer the world and their work; The passengers are not aware of the tiles and we hear that this sweat is hidden behind the tiles. When we ask technically to work, the total area of ​​the east Pendik station is 2400 square meters, the passenger will see and use the area will be 800 square meters, the remaining 1600 square meters, so-called technical volumes for the air circulation, electro-mechanical jobs, officials will stop, check the failure learn how to do for rooms.

Construction chief of the consultancy firm, here we are not bored, when asked what they do when they bored, the excitement of opening a big tunnel thrust, the citizen in the service for the sweat of the joy of being in the service we hear to hear that we do not have time.

Another employee we talked about is that with the end of construction in subways, the work is not over. I mean, even if the construction work is over, your subway isn't over. He was like a living human; Therefore, continuous maintenance, disinfecting, continuous cleaning.

Control Chief, the issue is not to dig the underground, the works of Istanbul in accordance with the corporate identity of the city by raising the criteria of living to increase the criteria, and hereby take the prayer of the citizen to bring a modern work is to hear.

There's a hell of a work under ground. The job security has been kept intact.

Excavation of 15 meters per day with giant machines

While visiting the tunnel with our companion Sami Kaya, we learn that the line tunnels were made with NATM technique and TBM (Tunnel boring machine). Both methods were used to open this line. These giant CPC machines, which are 200 meters long, provide a daily average 15 meter progress. Detailed drilling works are carried out before the construction of these gigantic projects. Underground geological maps are being extracted; ground nails, pipes, protrusions, ambrelas and chemical injections are provided to strengthen the ground. On the one hand, underground operations and structures on the other hand on the other hand to prevent damage to the ground on the other. , pressure cells, load cells, inclinometers, crack gauges and detectors are installed and the reports are measured every day.

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