Mayor Aktaş Rewarded Hero Driver Nuri Acar

President Aktas Hero Awarded Soforu
President Aktas Hero Awarded Soforu

Mayor Aktaş Awarded the Hero Driver; Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş presented a wristwatch to the driver Nuri Acar, who evacuated all the passengers without any problems and in front of a possible disaster in the fire that broke out on the bus while cruising.

In the incident that took place at Gökdere junction last Wednesday, a fire broke out due to a technical failure in the 20 BOD 37 plate city bus used by Nuri Acar (16), which went in the direction of 'Sculpture' with about 49 passengers. Acar, who realized the flames and opened the doors of the bus, acted calmly and lowered the passengers and prevented a possible disaster. The fire, in which passengers experienced great panic, was extinguished by firefighters who came upon the notice. Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş hosted the bus driver Nuri Acar in his historical city hall, thanks to his attention and coolness, which helped to get over the event without bleeding anyone's nose.

Let's take the volunteers

Speaking at the visit, which was also attended by Burulaş General Manager Mehmet Kürşat Çapar, President Aktaş said that despite the fact that the incident was a very serious issue, it was very pleasing that all the passengers were evacuated with the special efforts of the driver Nuri Acar and that nobody's nose was bleeding even without bleeding. Mayor Aktaş stated that as a municipality, they bring people to their jobs in the morning and to their homes, spouses, children and loved ones in the evening. But, thanks to our friends' special efforts, we see that these gaps are closed. I would like to thank our colleague Nuri Acar and our valued general manager. I express once again that we expect the same sensitivity and sensitivity from all our friends. Let's take the hearts of our people, especially with our requests, our smiling faces, our service quality, and the standards we offer. ”

Hero driver Nuri Acar said that he was trying to do his best during the event and that he would continue to work with the same sensitivity after that.

At the end of the visit, Mayor Aktaş gifted a wristwatch to Acar.

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