Halkapınar bridge crossing over the Konak tram line

The Halkapınar Bridge, where the Konak tram line will pass, is under the spotlight: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will decide whether or not to reinforce some of the designated bridges.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Göztepe and 1997 Bayraklı The pedestrian overpass and the Konak tram line will pass over it and Halkapınar Taşk has taken action to determine the building security of the overpass bridge.

According to the report to be prepared by Dokuz Eylul University, it will be decided whether the bridges should be strengthened and renewed. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, to start construction of Üçkuyular-Halkapınar

The tramway line is planned to pass through the Halkapınar vehicle overpass bridge and will undergo technical inspection to determine the safety of the structure under vehicle and tram loads.

In addition to the Halkıpınar vehicle overpass bridge, Göztepe Şehit Kerem Oğuz Erbay overpass and Altınyol built in Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard in 1997 Bayraklı The same technical report will be prepared in the pedestrian overpass. The building security of this old bridge will be checked. Metropolitan Municipality will apply to Dokuz Eylül University for technical views on three bridges.

Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Engineering will conduct extensive checks on bridges. The protocol will be signed between the Municipality and the University. According to the report, bridges will be strengthened and renewed.

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