Suspicious packet alarm in Ankara Train Station area

Suspect packet alarm in Ankara Railway Station: After the attack in Ankara on Saturday, the train station was hit by suspicious bags. Breakfast was exploded in the bag detonated by the detonator.

There was suspicious package panic at Ankara Train Station.

A suspect bag was found in the garage in the morning. The security guards in the area to inform the police on the site was sent to bomb disposal teams.

Police teams took security measures at the scene. Citizens and members of the press were removed from the region.

Gar staff members also received information from the police officer.

Teams, then detonated the suspect bag with the detonator. The investigation was started.

In the meantime, the bag was removed from the explosion of breakfast materials learned.

Two suicide bombers were attacked on Saturday in Ankara, attended by tens of thousands of people.
97 people lost their lives in the attack, many people were injured.

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